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Austintown Podiatry Associates, Inc. Austintown Podiatry Associates, Inc. Austintown Podiatry Associates, Inc.

Common Foot Problems

At Austintown Podiatry Associates, Inc. our doctors specialize in:

  • Painful deformities including bunions, contracted toes, flat feet, and other structural problems
  • Heel pain, pain in the ball of the foot, arch pain
  • Shock wave therapy of the heel
  • Ingrown, deformed, painful toenails, painful corns and calluses
  • Skin disorders including plantar warts, athlete's foot, and other skin rashes of the ankle and foot
  • Arthritis and chronic pain/swelling of the ankle and foot
  • Elective, reconstructive, traumatic, laser, and arthroscopic surgery of the ankle and foot
  • Diabetes-related, geriatric foot care
  • Children's problems of the ankle and foot including intoeing, flat feet, toewalking and other abnormalities
  • Injuries, fractures, sprains, dislocations, infections, and puncture wounds of the ankle and foot
  • Sports related problems
  • Second opinions
  • House calls
  • Nursing home visits
  • Community lecture presentations on foot and ankle topics
  • Orthotripsy soundwave treatment for heel pain
  • Wound care of the foot/ankle/leg



Emergency Info
If you sustain a foot or ankle injury (sprain, break or fracture, etc.) that requires medical attention, Austintown Podiatry Associates have a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week service that can be accessed by calling our office at 330-792-6519.

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